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Industrial Sky Lamp is designed and produced by ONEPROCESSART, under its own design brand in an exclusive limited edition of 20 units plus 2 author’s proofs.

Made according to handcrafted construction processes, its grey concrete finish enhances the white glass globe, which emits a soft and cosy warm light.

Industrial Sky Lámpara Escultura

Source of inspiration

Inspired by the landscape of industrial architecture, the body design captures the forms of the peripheral city. Here, remnants of former factories, circus tents and recreational areas converge to create a unique and captivating silhouette.

Inspiración forma Industrial Sky Lámpara
Inspiración Industrial Sky Lámpara

Handmade piece made in Seville

Each lamp is a handcrafted piece, where the subtle aesthetic variations and the curing process of the material itself make each one unique.

Materials: Grey concrete, E-27 lighting material.

Height: 37cm | Width: 13 cm | Weight: 3,9 Kg

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