Does concrete always have the same grey colour?


Beauty in the grey diversity of concrete

Does concrete always have the same grey colour? This question led me to reflect when someone asked me about the variations in tone in the collection pieces: were they the result of image editing or did they really reflect the greyness of the material?
Today, we will explore the various shades of grey concrete and discover why each piece is unique in its colour and texture.
At first glance, concrete may appear uniformly grey, but in reality, its hue can vary due to a number of factors. We are no longer talking about the final finishes, but the composition of the aggregates we use, the amount of water in the mix, and even the curing process can influence the final colour of the concrete.
So, yes, the shade variations we observe are part of the nature of the material itself and are not simply a product of photo editing.

It is important to note that these variations are not defects, but characteristics that add authenticity and beauty to the concrete. Each piece itself is unique, with its own shades and textures that make it special. From the lightest grey to the darkest grey, concrete offers a fascinating palette of colours that reflects its creation process and environment.

A brief tour through the pieces in the different collections reveals the diversity of shades of grey that concrete offers. While in the Industrial Sky Lamp, the grey colour is presented in a natural and compact way, in the Minimal wall lights it stands out for its high composition in granite, which is reflected in its surface after polishing.


Lámpara Industrial Sky

Aplique de pared Minimal Serra

In addition, the varied palette of greys present in the ONE project is remarkable. In this case, each base piece exhibits a different proportion of white and grey cement, which provides a wide range of shades.

This contrast of shades and textures highlights the versatility and visual richness that concrete brings to each work, making them truly unique pieces.

Proyecto ONE W03

Proyecto ONE W02

And you, do you see life as black and white or do you find beauty in the grey scale?

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